P.E.I. Golf Assoc. announces new format for team selection

The Prince Edward Island Golf Association announced Tuesday that a new selection process has been established for the selection of its men’s amateur and mid-amateur teams.

Beginning this year, these two teams will be determined through the new Moosehead Players Series. The series is comprised of eight tournaments beginning in May, and running through September.

“The Prince Edward Island Golf Association is excited about this new format for the selection of our amateur and mid-amateur men’s teams,” said PEIGA executive director Ron MacNeill. “We think it will be fun for fans to follow, and that it will provide an interesting new element to our Moosehead Series.

“Similar to the FedEx Cup, players can decide which tournaments they want to play. With double points up for grabs, the provincial amateur championship at Belvedere will be our major.”

Awarded points

Players will be awarded points based on their finish at each of these tournaments. The points count towards the Moosehead player-of-the-year award. This year, the three players who have the most points, as of July 11th following the Summerside Lobster Carnival tournament, will be invited to represent the province at the Canadian amateur championship in Winnipeg in August.

The top three mid-amateur players, as of that date, will travel to the Canadian mid-amateur championship in Oxbridge, Ont., in September.

All other provincial teams, including the women’s amateur and senior men and women, will be selected through player performance at the P.E.I. amateur championship at the Belvedere Golf Club on July 2 and 3. The provincial amateur championship will be worth double points for players competing in the Moosehead Players Series.

“The competition committee felt that the results of five tournaments would produce our best, most consistent competitive golfers,” said MacNeill. “They also believe that this format will add new excitement and meaning to the tournaments that make up the Moosehead Series.”

Two players

The competition committee also announced that the Island’s three player mid-amateur team will include two players over the age of 40.

“Although the age limit for the mid-amateurs starts at 25, most provinces have implemented a policy to permit more players over 40 to compete at national tournaments,” said MacNeill. “The objective is to offer top-level 40-year-old players the experience of playing in a Canadian championship.”

All teams, including the men’s, women’s, mid-amateur, seniors and juniors, have been reduced to three players across the country, effective this year.

Moosehead Player Series schedule:

  • May 28-29 – Andersons Creek Open.
  • June 4-5 – Avondale Open.
  • June 25-26 – Potato Blossom.
  • July 2-3 – P.E.I. amateur championship.
  • July 9-10 – Lobster Carnival.
  • August 5-7 – Stanhope Open.
  • September 3-4 – Harvest Moon.
  • Sept. 17-18 – Jack Frost.

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