P.E.I. tourism ad wins award

A magazine ad from last year’s Tourism PEI campaign has been named best in Canada at national advertising awards, but the company that designed the ad is no longer working with the department.

The campaign, featuring the slogan “You’ll never completely leave,” featured photographs of a family on the beach, and an older couple biking on a red clay road.

Brenda Gallant, head of marketing for Tourism PEI, was excited about the award.

“We were absolutely thrilled. That always something that makes you feel a sense of pride for sure, and we hope to continue to win awards as time goes on.”

But the Island won’t win any awards with Grey Canada, the company that designed the campaign, this year. The company’s contract with Tourism PEI just ended, and the Toronto-based marketing group decided not to bid on P.E.I. projects this year.

“We just felt that we had done our work,” said executive creative director Carl Jones.

“We’d done a great job on that, and we just felt that it was best that we decided not to [continue.]”

Tourism PEI changed its approach to marketing this year. Instead of one company bidding for the entire campaign, it’s broken it up into smaller chunks. Jones said that had nothing to do with the decision to drop out this year.

He said if Grey is invited it may bid again in the future.

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