The Island

Prince Edward Island is the continent’s top Island-Golf destination. With a litany of accolades including “top golf destination in North America”. Enjoy miles of beaches, championship courses and a ready supply of the world’s finest seafood, all in the span of a day. From the air, Prince Edward Island might appear to be one giant golf course: sand and water traps alternating with woodlots. Much of its loveliness comes from its remarkable color contrasts: the rich red of its winding roads, the vivid emerald of its meadows, and the sparkling sapphire of the encircling sea.

Prince Edward Island is fast becoming known as the alternative golf destination to Scotland and Ireland. One reason is its Celtic roots. The other is that the golf is simply fantastic! And the island has a culture of it’s own. For starters, you’ll find 32 courses, all within 45 minutes from Charlottetown. That means you never have to drive far to play any course you choose, What’s more, Prince Edward Island has 10 of the top 100 courses in all of Canada. It doesn’t get much better than that!